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Ensemble Selections 2018

"I Love A Piano"

Music audio files may be downloaded together: All Ensemble 2018 MP3s. ZIP File


Level B
The Blue Room / I Want to Be Happy  Rodgers & Hart
  1.) quarter=112   2.) half=112  
Chili Peppers (with repeat)   quarter=126   Susan Hill
Wienerschnitzel dotted   quarter=66   Walter & Carol Noona
March in Cyberspace   quarter=120   Dennis Alexander
Who Built the Ark? (trio)   quarter=132   Mary Elizabeth Clark

Level B/C
Preludium in D Major   quarter=120   Alexander

Special C
Fly With the Eagles   quarter=92   Vandall

Level C
I'll Wait for You   quarter=96 (swinging)   Meir
German Dance (quartet)   quarter=138   Mozart
Duettino in C, Mvt. 3   eighth=152   Clementi
Bases Loaded   quarter=120 Melody   Bober
Toccata for Two   quarter=126   Vandall
Blue Threesome (trio)   quarter=120   Vandall
(alternate) Rondo in G Major   eighth=108   Gliere

Level C/D
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues   quarter=168   Sifford

Level D
They Can't Take that Away / Slap that Bass Gershwin
  1.) quarter=96, swing   2.) quarter=168, swing  
Blue Tango   quarter=120   Leroy Anderson
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba   quarter=104   G. F. Handel
Rags to Riches   quarter=148   Olsen
Perpetual Commotion (quartet)   dotted quarter=120   Olsen

Level E
Slavonic Dance, Op. 46, No. 1   dotted half=80   Antonin Dvorak
Hoedown Duo   quarter=108   Aaron Copland
Jamaican Rumba Duo   eighth=148   Arthur Benjamin

I Love A Piano   quarter=132   Berlin/Olsen


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